Superfinishing Ball Bearing Raceway



To improve bearing quality by reducing the surface waviness on the ball track to produce a quieter, smoother functioning bearing assembly.
Process: Finish the ball track using a two step process employing Rough and Finish stones in succession.
Component: Ball Bearing Outer Ring
Material: 52100 Steel
Hardness: 58 to 62 Rc
Incoming Finish: .04 Ra um (16 u" Ra)
Coolant: Castrol Honilo 980
Machine Setup: 2 Station - Rough and Finish Configuration
Stone Specification: Rough: FA800-160GV51S
Finish: GC1200-95GV2W
Stone Size: 11.7 x 15 x 75mm; 9R (.460" x .590" x 3"; .35"R)


Use of Darmann products resulted in better quality, process improvements and cost reductions. These results are summarized below:
Final finish improved from 0.03 to 0.02um Ra
Assemblies qualifying for highest quality rating increased by 33%
Finished goods inventory reduced by 20%
Product cost reduced by 30%