Cast Iron Cylinder Hone Application



Develop a stable, cost effective honing process that delivers the stringent surface parameters for bearing ratio and oil retention in a performance engine application
Process: Finish hone cast iron cylinder liner using (6) vitrified CBN hones in a single tool
Component: Cast Iron Cylinder For Recreational Product
Material: Cast Iron
Hardness: 95 to 105 Rockwell B
Incoming Surface: Approx. 150 u" Ra (3.75 um Ra)
Stock Removal: .015" to .020" (.38 to .50mm)
Coolant: Water Soluble
Hone Specification: CB120-50JV260
Hone Finish 32 to 78 u" Ra (1.0 to 1.9 um Ra)


Darmann engineered a very specific vitrified CBN hone solution for this application. The result was a vast improvement in process consistency and part quality. Specific benefits included:
Hone costs were reduced by 30%
Increased cell capacity by 15%
Improved part quality
Resulted in more consistent process