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Darmann Abrasive Products
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Profile Darmann Abrasive Products, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets fine-grit, bonded abrasive products for superfinishing, honing and precision grinding applications.
Ownership Private. Darmann is an ESOP, employee owned, company.
Founded 1983
Facilities Darmann Abrasive Products, Inc.
Darmann Europe
Darmann China
Darmann Brazil
Darmann Mexico
Products Conventional abrasive wheels
Conventional abrasive stones
CBN & Diamond stones
CBN & Diamond small wheels
Metal bonded hones
Core Technology Controlled fine grit manufacturing process
Superior lot-to-lot consistency
Finer hardness resolution
Engineered structures
Broad applications knowledge
Applications Ball & roller bearings
Automotive engine components
Automotive suspension components
Orthopedic implants
Diesel engine components
Hydraulic components
Cylinders and liners
Dressing solutions
Engineered solutions
Service Broad product selection
Shorter lead times
Inventory management programs
Free test samples
Benchmarking service
On site applications support